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What Do You Put Into Your Family History Blog?

January 30th, 2007

Lorelle VanFossen has written a helpful article on What Do You Put Into Your Family History Blog? She gives some good tips on the types of things that you can put into a family history blog, and why a blog is more flexible than a static website.

Now I just need to get some more content on this site!

Why use a Blog instead of a static Website?

December 2nd, 2006

I thought I would explain why I chose to use WordPress, which is designed for blogging, rather than a more traditional static web site for this site. What’s the difference? Here is an article by Lorelle VanFossen that explains it very well.

I wanted this site to be a “repository” where other family members could post things without needing to know anything about creating web pages. One of the things that I like about a blog is that it is always “under construction” by adding new articles. That makes it a lot easier to add family history information a little bit at a time as we come across it. If we wanted to set up a “complete” static web site it would probably never be done.

If you are part of my family and want to contribute to this site, please send me an email and I will set up an account for you. You don’t need any special software. You can simply log in using your web browser and create an article.

The article Blogging Family History explains why a blog is a good tool for genealogy.

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